Steam Giants on the Colorado Plateau

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During the one time #3751 was in Williams, Arizona, the Grand Canyon Railway had 2 of its own steam engines all fired up and ready to join in the spectacle.

This included former CB&Q #4960 in what has now become (sadly) an extremely rare public appearance.

3751 & 4960 are steamed up and ready for action.

Grand Canyon Railway’s engine #18 (a consolidation) meets 3751 in an unexpected yard scene that was once as common as a sunrise.


3751’s crew (members of the San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society) take us on a tour of 3751‘s remarkable cab.

Discover how this 1927 steam locomotive was restored to function perfectly on a modern railroad system.


A highlight of Steam Giants sees 3751 & 4960 double-heading a vintage passenger train to the rim of the Grand Canyon


The fireman’s view from the cab of “helper” 4960 looking back on 3751 as we wind our way up to the Grand Canyon.

4960 has just completed her task as a “helper engine” for 3751.
3751 runs around her to go the last mile into the Grand Canyon station. …just as she and so many Santa Fe engines did in the past.


Three steam locomotives (#3751, #4960, and #18) pose in front of the depot at the South Rim….a site not seen for over 60-years.

#3751, #4960, & #18 in an amazing display of steam power.




Throughout both of these films, we are blessed with occasional insights about steam railroading from Phil and George. These fellas both worked for the Santa Fe Railroad during the last days of steam. So, they really know what they’re talking about from a true historical perspective. They even ran 3751 back in the days of the Santa Fe.

Phil and George go way back. And when old railroad buddies get together, is there any shortage of rollicking tales?

We were lucky enough to let the cameras roll when these two started reminiscing. We put together some of their recollections in a bonus section on the STEAM GIANTS DVD called Railroad Stories. I can’t watch it without laughing out loud…and I’ve seen it countless times. It’s funny, fascinating…and touching. Don’t miss it.

All this makes for great viewing. There’s history and action aplenty to satisfy the young and old.

But, wait….there’s more?



Engine #18 (seen above) was also apart of this major steam event in Arizona.
Since that time she has moved on and is no longer seen at the Grand Canyon Railway. (Don’t worry. She is now a part of another historic railroad operation in Colorado.)


Included on the DVD is a tour of #18 where we learn a few of the modifications made to this medium-sized steamer known as a Consolidation. We’ll tag-a-long as she completes her daily chores.

Some added fun for all.

With Much Appreciation

This show could have never been produced without the incredible dedication of the San Bernardino Historical Society (owners of 3751) and the 3751 steam crew. One look at the picture above (taken in the crew car) gives you a clear picture of how hard they worked during this steam event.

Do these guys look tired to you?

Much gratitude is also expressed to The Grand Canyon Chapter of the NRHS (National Railroad Historical Society), The Grand Canyon Railway, AMTRAK, and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad.

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