About Us

People ask, "How do you make such great steam train videos?" What a fun question to answer. Yep. That's me in the picture with a big old video camera strapped under my arm on top of a steam locomotive in Oregon (Sumpter Valley Ry #19) as it barrels down the track.

Just "another day at the office?"

Well actually, not every day is as exciting as this. But, that sure was a great day!

And I get to relive those days when I work those long hours of post-production to get them ready for you.

I must not be the only one who loves steam trains. I get letters all the time saying...."Yours are the only railroad videos my family will watch with me."

They say, "You never fully recover from your first train set." I believe it.

I not only like to tell a story of steam railroading, but really convey what it was like to be there.

It always amazes me.

There on location is where the story to be told emerges from the steam and smoke. By the time I am through shooting footage, it seems as though a script for the production has been written in the clouds of steam.

Such is the exhilarating energy that surrounds the iron horse.

That's why I love going to great lengths to get shots like these...so the story can be told with pictures as well as words.

People of all ages can share together in the Golden Rail Video experience.

You could say, "We're bringing the generations together with all the bells and whistles"...but that'd be kind of silly, wouldn't it?

Rob Simpson

Producer, CEO