Golden Rail Videos have a story to tell about
America's railroad heritage


Railroad history + dramatic action = a video you will enjoy for years.
Enormous care goes into each and every production.

Each Golden Rail Video title features:

  • Meticulously captured images and sounds
  • New insights into America's unique steam railroad heritage
  • How certain steam locomotives survived into the present
  • The human story. Discover why people today become so absorbed in this technology from another age ...& much more...

Golden Rail Video
The best stories are on the inside.

Action-Filled Documentaries from America's Railroad Heritage


Our Last Log Hauler


The longest running, continuous service, private logging railroad in North America.
Day in the Woods_cover

A Day In The Woods


America's unique logging heritage from earliest colonial days through the age of steam logging
Real Tank Engines_cover

True-Life Adventures of Real Tank Engines


A great kid's video (includes 2nd version for grown ups). Fun and educational.
Power Tour_cover

Shay Power Tour


Meet the Shay - the most popular steam locomotive on America's logging railroads.
Rock Trains_cover

The Rock Trains


Two powerful steam locomotives. The challenge of a lifetime.
Steam Power Sawmill_cover

Steam Power Sawmill


A sawmill that time forgot.
Big Steam_BLACK-cover

Big Steam Private Varnish


Explore Santa Fe 3751's return to the high-iron with an historic passenger train.
Steam Giants_BLACK_cover

Steam Giants on the Colorado Plateau


A once-in-a-lifetime gathering of two mighty steam locomotives.
Niles Canyon_cover

Secret of Niles Canyon


California's Niles Canyon holds a railroad secret. (Featuring SP #2472)
Thunder_Wild West_cover

Thunder From the Wild West


Explore the railroading history of the Grand Canyon National Park.

Thunder In the Canyons


Relive 24-hours on a steam railroad as recreated by the old Grand Canyon Ry.
Steam Up_cover

Steam Up in the Mountains


Discover the amazing steam locomotives of America's logging railroads.
Stampede Pass_cover

Return of Stampede Pass


History and action along this old mainline of the Northern Pacific Railroad across the Cascade Mts. (Filmed in 1996.)
AGE_dvd front cover

The Age of Steam Logging


A vintage forestry-museum orientation film from 1965 restored
Log Haulers in Winter_cover

Log Haulers In Winter


Take to the woods in cold winter weather for some of the best steam action around.


They're not just for kids.

Yes. We did produce REAL TANK ENGINES to help kids learn how Thomas the Tank Engine relates to real ones.

But, tank engines were a big part of every railroad.

So, we produced two versions of this show, one for kids and one for adults. And they're both on the same DVD.
Read more about it here.


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